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About us

Founder Rutger Gast studied Chemical Technology at the SaxionUniversity and Molecular Sciences at the Wageningen University. Besides the different fields of chemistry, food sciences and microbiology, Rutger also has experience with prototyping, 3D drawing and printing, materials science and manufacturing & design. With multiple patents, Rutger is an officially recognized member of the Dutch Association of Inventors.

Director Ferry Ruijtenberg is an investor and entrepreneur who has many years of experience in multiple disciplines. Ranging from software marketing to the market of 3D scanning, marketing of innovations and a variety of different investment projects.

Rutger Gast

Founder, Inventor

Rutger Gast
Ferry Ruijtenberg

Founder, Investor

Ferry Ruijtenberg

Our Services

Together with our staff and broad network, we have a multidisciplinary team to help you with developing and marketing of new products.


Thinking works, and thinking together works better. Let our creativity surprise you.


Every great solution starts with a first idea. We, literally, can give form to that idea.


We have a great network of production companies and factories worldwide. There's always one that fits.


We have experience in sales, marketing and distribution for a wide range of products, internationally.


Here's an overview of some of the products we have been working on from scratch. They're available now, all over the globe:

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